Baby Bass Strings

Thomastik Superflexible steel core strings for universal use. This strings are an advance over conventional solid strings, lying midway in the path of evolution from the solid core to the advanced spiral core type. The solid core has been replaced by a cable-type structure made up of braided steel threads. This reduces the string’s stiffness, improving its elasticity. Superflexible is incomparably responsive and its tone seems to literally radiate from the instrument, without the least harshness. Durability, tuning stability and purity of open fifths are unsurpassed.


Thomastik Spiricore S have excellent punchy fat sound, quality made with nice smooth touch- easy on fingers, sufficient but not excessive sustainability. Light tension/ flexible and responsive long lasting, these are one of the most favorite choice for Latin or Jazz pizzicato players.


SOLOFLEX are pure nickel flat wire wound on a woven steel cable core. Designed with the solo artist in mind. Extremely responsive , very flexible, with outstanding tonal quality and volume. Helicore Orchestral bass strings are multi-stranded steel core strings that produce a warm tone quality with excellent bow response. The core design makes for strings that are very easy to play under the left hand. Damping is optimized for arco use, but they also work well for pizzicato applications where a very warm, less-sustaining sound is desired.


Supernil are one of the best-selling sets since their introduction in 1962, Supernils are the strings for “slap” style used in Rock, Rock-abilly, Bluegrass or Country & Western Swing. These strings have a very flexible feel and produce a great sound.