Granadillo has botanical name as Platymiscum yucatanum, its habitat: Mexico & Central America Granadillo shows colours spectrum from violet to dark red to brown with frequent streaking and pronounced figure. It is very hard, and dense with a tight grain and a fine texture. Granadillo has been very popular with […]

There are many conclusions in reference to the bridge choice. The aluminum seems to have higher level of vibration transfer creating more punch but having less sustain. … “Punch” is defined as having more initial amplitude at the beginning of the note, which in other words means a note is […]

Model KB2 -1/2 one of the smallest of the available choices from KK Baby Bass. The body is a solid maple or ash wood so it preserves its stability when playing. The ½ size as opposed to ¼ gives more of the bass presence and harmonic availability. The sound characteristics […]

The first electric upright basses were developed in the mid of 1930 by Rickenbacker and over the years escalated to a wider sound diversity. Transducers and the amplification for the EUB and Guitar got to be more popular. In comparison to other stringed instruments electronically-amplified; for example electrical Violin, the […]