The Bass Whisperer
September 22 · 
Playing my new KK Baby Bass at the Ryman Auditorium 9/13/19. It was a hell of a night to try out a new instrument, but it kicked major ass, and has continued to do so! I recorded a track for our upcoming Latin record and it sounded so fat, round, punchy… a totally LEGIT Latin tone. Raul said it’s the best bass tone I’ve ever got on record (of course, Al Schmitt producing didn’t HURT). Every single band member, the FOH engineer, even bass playing friends in the audience have commented on how much clearer, more present, and full the KK sounds onstage. With a 9-piece band to push… I need all that! It has more output than my Azola, I don’t need a preamp – straight into the amp, no BS. I’m VERY happy with this bass, it’s fun to play, beautiful to look at, sounds fantastic for Latin, Country, Blues, R&B, Jazz… a total winner!


Granadillo has botanical name as Platymiscum yucatanum, its habitat: Mexico & Central America Granadillo shows colours spectrum from violet to dark red to brown with frequent streaking and pronounced figure. It is very hard, and dense with a tight grain and a fine texture. Granadillo has been very popular with […]

There are many conclusions in reference to the bridge choice. The aluminum seems to have higher level of vibration transfer creating more punch but having less sustain. … “Punch” is defined as having more initial amplitude at the beginning of the note, which in other words means a note is […]

Model KB2 -1/2 one of the smallest of the available choices from KK Baby Bass. The body is a solid maple or ash wood so it preserves its stability when playing. The ½ size as opposed to ¼ gives more of the bass presence and harmonic availability. The sound characteristics […]

The first electric upright basses were developed in the mid of 1930 by Rickenbacker and over the years escalated to a wider sound diversity. Transducers and the amplification for the EUB and Guitar got to be more popular. In comparison to other stringed instruments electronically-amplified; for example electrical Violin, the […]